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We are too rad Bitch

Too rad for you that is

We are too rad
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Well It looks like youve found Totallyradcore. This is a community for rad people, by rad people, about being rad. You gotta be rad in order to make it in. Cause we rock and you unrad losers dont :p Once you are dubbed with the radness then you can start posting pictures, poems, or whatever your talent is that makes you so rad. please try and post at least twice a week this way our community is alive and kicking the shit out of those boring losers. <3kthnxbye


1.This is a Community based on personality not looks. Pictures are just nice so we know who we are talking to. if you dont like how we judge or act then dont join.
2.Your application must go behind an lj cut.*<*lj-cut text="title here?"*>Application here* without the asterisks
3.In the case you dont get in or you are harshly bashed dont start a commenting war. Take up your own space not ours.
4.Promote this community! If you want more people to be able to join and share then you've got to promote.
5. USE SPELL CHECK! If you can't spell please respect the fact that bad spelling makes everything hard to read. So use spell check. It's provided by livejournal for a reason. Now use it!
6. You're allowed one warning by any moderator and after that you will be banned (unless you are Jordan)
7. If you've been accepted please put "stamped" in the subject line so noone makes the mistake and tries to vote you out.


A Basic Application

To join this Rad community you must post an application and title it "So fecking rad" this way we will know who read the frecking rules. then the voting begins. We judge on length of application, Veiws, Tastes in music...mostly everything. So if you dont get in then you can try again in a week but dont post the same application or you will be banned. Cause if we didnt like it the first time what makes you think we'll like it the second time? kthnx bye





Your Favorite Bands(10+):

Your Favorite Quote:

How did you find out about us?(and if you were invited then who invited you):

What do you think makes you so rad?:

What are your Veiws on:

Gay marrige:

George W. Bush:


Suicide/Self Injury:


The War:

Promote to 2 communities or 2 people's journals and post links (we will check):

If you have any pictures put them here. No we arent gonna judge you on your looks we just wanna see who we are talking to.


If you are accepted you will be stamped with:

If you are rejected, you will get the stamp:

Promote us put the following code (minus the *) in your info

<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v288/StarlessRainbows/RadCommunity/radbanner.jpg"*>

or use this one

<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v288/StarlessRainbows/RadCommunity/radbanner2.jpg"*>

Invitation Banner

<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v288/StarlessRainbows/RadCommunity/Joinus.jpg"*>
(minus the *)